Grief is challenging, confusing, and exhausting. Grief is also a deep and sincere act of love. Both the negative and positive dimensions of grief require attention. Immaculate Hope retreats are day-long retreats that allow grieving parents to attend to the many aspects of their grief through prayer, group discussion, and couple dialogue with their spouse.

We are in an extended recess season for our retreats. We are currently expecting our fourth child, and will resume retreats in 2018. Please pray for us and for this child. We are entrusting this pregnancy and this child to Our Blessed Mother, that she would carry this child for us!

To inquire about hosting a retreat in your area, please e-mail us using the contact form below. We will contact you to begin the discernment process and collect additional information.

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May our God of all peace and consolation give you comfort in His presence during your time of grief!

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